This is an abstract class.

#include <auth.h>

Listener called when there is a change in the authentication state.


Override base class method to handle authentication state changes. Methods are invoked asynchronously and may be invoked on other threads.

Constructors and Destructors


Public functions

OnAuthStateChanged(Auth *auth)=0
virtual void
Called when the authentication state of auth changes.

Public functions


virtual void OnAuthStateChanged(
  Auth *auth

Called when the authentication state of auth changes.

  • Right after the listener has been registered
  • When a user is signed in
  • When the current user is signed out
  • When the current user changes

Disambiguates which Auth instance the event corresponds to, in the case where you are using more than one at the same time.


virtual  ~AuthStateListener()

Note:: Destruction of the listener automatically calls RemoveAuthStateListener() from the Auths this listener is registered with, if those Auths have not yet been destroyed.